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At Salthouse & Peppermongers we're all about flavour. Big flavour and few ingredients. We want to keep your shopping list as short as possible, so why not start with the very best of the basics. Salt and pepper. No pesticides, no bleaching. Our collection of around 60 gourmet seasonings are produced naturally, the majority using methods thousands of years old.

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Posted by Gregorie / February 6th 2017

Caring for your Himalayan Salt Block


Posted by Tom / February 2nd 2016

Peppermongers Peppercorn Sauce


Posted by Gregorie / December 17th 2015

Salt Rock, Salt Stone...Salt Block



It's here! ☺️🍴 One fine summers day last year we sampled lots of #himalayansaltblock cooked…

@SaltHouse1874 - 13d ago

Pepper has more health benefits than you know!

@SaltHouse1874 - 18d ago

@olivemagazine @YorksBurrito Holy moly 😍