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Get your mother a fantastic heart shaped Himalayan salt cooking block or some fabulous gourmet chocolate for Mother's Day

At Salthouse & Peppermongers we're all about flavour. Big flavour and few ingredients. We want to keep your shopping list as short as possible, so why not start with the very best of the basics. Salt and pepper. No pesticides, no bleaching. Our collection of around 60 gourmet seasonings are produced naturally, the majority using methods thousands of years old.

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Posted by Salthouse / December 20th 2018

Fleur de Sel Guacamole



@SaltHouse1874 - 17m ago

@TomKitchin @bonniebadgerg Awesome, enjoy😋!!! We use our salt blocks with WOW results on the BBQ 😋😋 Here's a quick…

@SaltHouse1874 - 29m ago

@HGWalterLondon Just the best! 😋

#Fridaythoughts Undeniably cut above the rest, if you haven't tried yet, you are missing out big time.