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Himalayan Salt Blocks

A unique method of seasoning and serving food, our Himalayan salt blocks are carved from naturally occurring deposits of pink rock salt in Pakistan. It can be slowly heated for cooking, used as a chilled plate for presentation purposes or simply used for flavour and curing.

Gourmet Salt

Choose from our picks of the best sea salts (created through natural evaporation by the sun and wind), rock salts (it has laid buried under layers of marine sediment until its harvesting many thousands of years later) and flavoured salts (using pure salt as a base, esoteric combinations of spices, herbs and other natural flavours can be added) from around the world.

Gourmet Pepper

We bring you the best quality peppercorns from around the world. Our range includes traditional black pepper as well as more exotic and diverse flavours and aromas which will add to any dish. The world's best pepper - not to be sneezed at!

Gourmet Gifts

All products are specially selected and we have sourced all of the accessories and equipment you need to enhance and enjoy your journeys along the salt roads and pepper vines of the world.

Gift Packs

Bringing together the best Salthouse & Peppermongers has to offer, these carefully curated and presented gift packs of our favourite and finest products make sharing our salt and pepper story with others easy.

Specialist Range

Our specialist range of salts and peppers sourced from around the world will give you everything you need in your cooking and at the table!