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Indonesian Long Pepper Indonesian Long Pepper

Indonesian Long Pepper

Indonesian Pepper


per 100g

Once favoured by the Romans, Visigoths and Alexandre Dumas of Three Musketeers fame, This (Long Lost) Pepper has largely been forgotten in modern cuisine. Which is strange because as a Pepper it is simply amazing. (Please note this Long Pepper is the tasty Piper retrofractum  type - not to be confused with the Indian variety of long pepper, Piper longum or Pippali used in Ayuverdic medicine. Now you know.)

Taste notes
It's warm, chocolatey, musky aroma belies a floral, spicy, peppery punch that builds slowly and heats the mouth.
Great with
Crush and grind with a pestle & mortar. Perfect for soups, slow cooking or terrines and pâtés. Try mixing with cream and eating with nectarines or summer fruit.
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