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Salthouse Peppermongers

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At Salthouse Peppermongers we’re all about flavour. Big flavour and few ingredients. We want to keep your shopping list as short as possible, so why not start with the very best of the basics. Salt and pepper. No pesticides, no bleaching. Our collection of 60 gourmet seasonings are produced naturally, the majority using methods thousands of years old.

So what makes us the UK experts on gourmet salt and pepper?

Salthouse has its roots in 140 years of travel and taste adventures, passed down through the generations of a family with a real fervour for flavour. Armed with a ship and a compass, we supplied the UK with exotic salts and spice in the grey days before choice. From backpacking in the Himalayas to trekking the salt flats of Bolivia, Gregorie has tasted it all and brought the best home like his ancestors before him. Every salt has a story.

Recently moved in next door, Peppermongers is the younger, hipper, brother Salthouse never had. After tasting the world’s highest grade Tellicherry Black Pepper during a trip to Kerala, Tom realised that much of the pepper eaten in the back home was bland and often poor quality. Inspired, the collection grew to six of the world’s very best peppers and thus Peppermongers was born.

Once you’ve tasted great salt and pepper – it’s black and white, there is simply no going back.