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Tidman's Rock Salt Tidman's Rock Salt

Tidman's Rock Salt

English Rock Salt

This natural Rock Salt is extracted from ancient rock deposits and contains important minerals essential for a healthy diet. The coarse crystals are ideal for salt grinders.

Why Not Try:

  • Rubbing into meat, chicken and potatoes for a crispy crackling and skin
  • As a topping on Italian focaccia bread
  • Sprinkling over roast potatoes and chips
  • Pickling vegetables to enhance flavour
  • In baking bread for a golden crust
  • Adding to soups, casseroles and stocks for a special flavour
  • Baking fish in salt for succulence
  • In marinades, dressings and chutneys

Rock Salt containing Anti-Caking Agent E535 and E500

Pack size
Taste notes
Refined saltiness
Great with
Poultry, potatoes, soups and bread
Pack Weight
United Kingdom

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