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Introducing the Himalayan Salt Roasting Cone Introducing the Himalayan Salt Roasting Cone image

Posted by Salthouse / December 13th 2018

Introducing the Himalayan Salt Roasting Cone

Our newest addition to the Salthouse and Peppermongers (pipping our tantalising Gravadlux by a matter of mere hours) is the Himalayan Rock Salt Roasting Cone. This unique vertical poultry roaster is perfect for creating your traditional roast with a delicious twist.

Roasting chicken vertically is hardly a well-kept secret in the world of culinary innovation. Roasting vertically ensures that the outer skin of the bird is crisp and flavourful, whilst the inside is kept juicy and rich. Our Himalayan Rock Salt Cone adds an extra layer of luxury as it is hand-crafted from trace mineral rich pink salt, harvested from ancient salt mines in the far reaches of the Himalayas. The cone imparts a distinctive, mellow saltiness to the poultry, adding an elegant depth of flavour to any roast dish.

Why Himalayan Salt?

  • Himalayan Salt retains heat for faster cooking times
  • It is naturally mineral-rich, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial
  • Himalayan Salt preserves the natural juices of the bird for a tender cook
  • The cooking process flavours the chicken from the inside out, meaning that no table salt is needed for seasoning
  • The cone is easy to clean and economical as it can be used over and over again

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