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Home Cured Gravlax with a Caper & Rocket Salad

Posted by Gregorie / December 8th 2015

Home Cured Gravlax with a Caper & Rocket Salad


Peppermongers Tellicherry Black Pepper

85g Caster Sugar

Salmon fillets

Fresh Dill

2 x Salthouse Himalayan Salt Blocks



Olive Oil


Crush Peppermongers Tellicherry Black Pepper and fennel seeds together

Add 85g caster sugar

Cover both sides of the salmon with sugar mixture

Cover salt block with dill

Place salmon fillets onto the salt block

Cover with more dill

Place second salt block on top

Cover with cling film

Refrigerate for three days

Finely slice the salmon

Lay on top of a bed of rocket

Sprinkle on a handful of capers

Squeeze on some lemon juice

Drizzle some olive oil

Grind on some Peppermongers Tellicherry Black Pepper

Serve with buttered brown bread